Right now – no matter who you are, where you are from or what you have done – you can begin the great adventure for which God created you…. It will take vision, integrity and purpose.

“Our lives will only have meaning if each one of us can confidently say that I was able to bring five, ten, fifteen and twenty women along with me. What I am saying is, do not climb alone. ” – Graca Machel

“We are each powerful beyond measure and every challenge is an invitation for us to discover our magnificence.” – Wendy Luhabe

Even if you are the most observant person in the world, emotional abuse can be so gradual that you don’t realize what is happening. As a result, the abuse can go unchecked as the relationship progresses, building for months, years, even decades.

As much as you feel there is something wrong, you really are not sure what that is and you can’t really point out the problem as its effect as well as each harmful act of abuse is largely invisible. Your self-esteem is eroded and self-doubt becomes so paralysing, that you often have only a vague sense that something is wrong

I wish for women to learn and understand that every beauty they search for outside is nothing compared to the beauty they already possess. I wish they realize that naturally taking care of your mind and body is all the satisfaction you need to feel worthy beyond anything a man or food can ever do.

When you know your worth it becomes very difficult to settle for someone who makes you feel you are less than enough.

Stop trying to fill the emptiness inside you with a man’s attention or food. Go back to the word of God and emancipate yourself with his unconditional love and promises.

Watch, Walk and Wait on God. He will work it out for you.

You can also become part of the Wellness GANG in pursuit of Healing – Upliftment – Prosperity

We aim to help as many women as possible, to get up and be part of the Wellness Revolution…


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“The best view comes after the hardest climb.”

– unknown